Atlanta History Center Folk Festival

Bright and early (8-ish AM) we were unloading our wares at the Atlanta History Center for the 2017 Fall Folk Fest.

24 artists, live music, cooking demonstrations (and samples), and many fascinating people. Being a the History Center, it attracted a lot of history buffs, and being one myself, I had a great time talking to them .

By 4:30 PM we were packing up, pretty tired, but very happy.

Note the Angora goat! They have two.

A lot of people commented on the cotton (it was growing behind our tent), noting it was taller than what they had seen before, and just looked different.  I’ll have to find out about that.

In the main Smith house (vs the kitchen) is a wonderful loom. Woven items from this loom are available in the bookstore at way too cheap prices.


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