The Artful Sailor isn’t kidding about cheap sailmaker’s palms.

Utterly useless. A proper one is on order.

I did get the main panel of the ditty back cut out, with folds creased in, strike lines marked, twine threaded and waxed. The bench hook is even hooked. That’s about all I can do, other than cutting out the other pieces, but I’ll wait on that until I need them.

The strike lines look off, but that’s just parallax from the camera angle.


Alexis begrudgingly sharing the sofa with the boat plans.

Sail #443, once I have a sail, which will come after I have a boat, which will come after I start ordering parts. I have the centerboard weight. Next will be the centerboard and rudder pieces, and epoxy/fiberglass to glue them together. And graphite powder for the centerboard.

That will start later this Summer, and can be done here in the condo. The rest will be built elsewhere over the next few years.